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My Story 


My name is Claire Drysdale Founder of Soulfire Ignite. Soulfire was born from a love of dance, fitness and holistic wellness practices. Since 2017 I have been on my on healing journey finding peace with my body, trusting and fully loving and accepting myself.

Having spent hours in the gym gaining my personal training and coaching qualifications, I began feel pulled towards dance again after years teaching. The gym started to not feel as aligned as it once did. I started to really listen to my body and connecting more with my intuition and knew what I needed. I began being fully involved in my spiritual practices and fell in love with breathwork and meditation as well as intuitive movement and from this love came Soulfire. I knew I wanted to create a program that helped everyone feel confident and empowered in their bodies as well as finding a new and refreshing fitness practice. With Soulfire we move, we connect, we awaken and we empower.

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